Blackout Blinds in a Nursery?

In the past a lot has been said about blackout blinds, and how they are a good general purpose blind, but in today’s article I would like to offer my insight into using blackout blinds in more specific environments.

One environment where blackout blinds are truly effective is in nurseries. Blackout blinds work especially well in nurseries for a few reasons, here are a few:

Wipe Clean Fabrics

Children can often be exceptionally messy, especially when they are eating food or participating in hands on activities. Because of this it is important to choose materials that can be cleaned easily, PVC blackout blinds are a perfect example of a wipe clean fabric.

Vibrant Colours

It is scientifically proven that a person’s mood can be affected directly by colours, this is even more true for younger children, hence why it is so important to consider the colours used in the d├ęcor. Ideally the colours used should be bright and vibrant to promote happiness and fun. A lot of people believe blackout blinds are always black or dark colours, but in reality there are a huge range of colours to choose from.

Light Blackout

In nurseries it is common practice to allow the children a ‘nap time’ during the day. Although some children relish this opportunity, others are not so co-operative, especially when there is still sun light shining through the windows. Blackout blinds are a great way to eliminate this problem entirely, as they completely block out the light, leaving the children non-the-wiser.

Depending on which supplier you use, blackout blinds are normally available in two types, roman and roller, although there are obviously many variations of those two blind types.

Blackout Roller Blinds

These are our most popular blackout option as they are so simple and versatile, blackout rollers are available in polyester or wipe clean pvc.

Roman Blackout Blinds

These are basically normal roman blinds, but instead of a dim out lining they use a blackout lining to achieve the blackout effect.

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