How To Wash Curtains With Blackout Lining

I have read many forums on the web where owners of blackout curtains ask about the best ways  to clean them.   I have compiled some of the best answers to this question,  so you can have a good idea on which are the best ways to do it without loosing your investment in those curtains.

The following article in eHow recommends to clean the manually:

Like any hanging curtain material, blackout fabric gets dusty and dingy looking. Keep allergens at bay by cleaning your blackout fabric on a regular basis. This type of material is not suited for machine washing. Do your cleaning manually for the best results.

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Other interesting resource I found very interest was one article teaching how to wash thermal backed curtains.

Thermal backed curtains keep warm air and the heat of the sun out during the summer and keep the cold out and the warmth inside during the winter. They are an inexpensive way to lower your energy usage without much effort. Newer thermal curtains are attractive, with the thermal portion on the outside so it doesn’t face into the room. Washing thermal backed curtains is not much different than other drapery care.

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Hope you have find this compilation helpful.  Feel free to browse our site to find more information about blackout curtains.


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