How to Install a Blackout EZ Window Cover

How to Install a Blackout EZ Window Cover

"hello my name is Tim Stanley and I'm the proud inventor of the blackout easy window cover recently someone emailed us at 10 at the blackout easy window cover is so easy to use once you show us in the video I thought that was a very good idea so here you go today I'm going to show you how the proper team as you might know for the blackout easy when

you cover I'm going to show you how to choose the correct size blanking on easy window cover and also I'm going to show you how to install your blackout easy window cover I'm a do so today when three types of windows first or a wood frame split sash window second and on a vinyl frame split sash window and lastly on attachment windows in my very own home today I'm going to show you

the easy way to a dark room with the blackout easy window cover are you ready to go let's get stuck with no cover comes complete with everything you need for installation includes the exclusive blackout easy fabric as well as exclusive blackout easy hook and loop tape let's talk about the family the first thing you notice about the fabric is the printed grid lines with numbers going across the top and bottom in both sides the printed

grid lines means no ruler or tape measures required because they fit your window cover to your window the next thing you notice is exclusive duplex fabric right on one side black on the other the white shows out to help reflect the Sun and reduce your cooling costs and a lot of communities don't allow it black the show outside the window the next thing the faculty is mildewing moisture-proof practically indestructible yet because easy with scissors

and folds away neatly when not needed the next thing is exclusive book blue tape that needs to be specially formulated to stick to your window frame and the blackout easy fabric and withstand extreme heat of summer and the moisture and humidity sometimes you find it when the first thing you do is measure your window correctly for the blackout easy window cover it's important to note that the window to frame little window and not the

glass so when you take your measurements make sure it's a longer frame and not glass so let's just start take the tape measure and measure across the top and come across and here 22 and 1/2 inches frame the frame to get the lip you put up top smooth tape measure down and make sure you smooth it down across the offset of the slider which right here is about a inch and a half

and measure down and put this window is 54 and a half inches so across the top frame frame 22 and a half inches and a long side including the offset of the slider is 54 and a half inches so that's the proper dimension easy window cover comes in two sizes the smaller size measures 36 by 48 and the large black out easy window cover measures 45 by 66 inches earlier we measured our

window and found across the top to be 22 and a half inches and down the side 54 and a half inches so that will require the large black out easy window cover of 45 by 66 if you find your window imagines larger than 45 by 66 we do offer custom sizes email us at sales and they stiva products that come and we'll have your quote within 28 get started with installing the first

thing you do is unfold your black out easy window cover slide into a corner your window smooth across and kill the hand and note the number you get you want to frame this side you get 87 the note 87 because that's the number we're going to use to cut lockers so 87 was the number pull across take our scissors find 87 across the body and then start cutting now I'm going to have

the black alleys you find cuts to the correct width to fit the window we want to now add coconut cake across the top of the window frame and then open the tape across the top of the blackout easy found you take the white hook blue tape be able to back off and just apply it across the top the women just go across the top let it wind up and let's move it back next

we will take the hook them take the black and add it to the top of it black eye leaves you fire make sure when you put it down you don't pull it and stretch it across just lay it down gently across the top of the fabric and back and reattach the black out easy winter coat now that we have the correct width cut we want to stretch the correct length so what

do you smooth down start at the top corner smooth fabric down and make sure you come across the top of the spider it's offset go down all the way down to the bottom and this is just the number is 17 so that's what we need to cut by number 17 so we pull it off remembering our number we need to cut model 17 take our scissors cut along 17 to get a

proper length now we have a black out easy window cut we're custom fitted for window the last step is to add white polka loop tape to the front of the window both sides in the bottom and add the black polka loot X to both sides and the bottom once you have the white hook-and-loop tape attach the frame of the window you want to do two things first where the coconut cake process of

slider and the stationary black you want to cut the tape on both sides this allowed the rhythms operate the next thing you want to make sure is that there is no gaps in to take going around a window frame and around the family anywhere it is gasps it will not like to penetrate let's go install your winter coat second window cover position set every window and put it up top and smooth across the

top of the window I find it best to work that one side at a time so on this side I smooth across pressing the looking loop together let's go down across the slider then I move to the other side press together for me to see them cross the slider then I work down to the bottom of the window make sure you press it get you a good feel yeah you have the beauty

of the blackout easier when your cover you still use the current window treatments and if you have custom stone blackout easy with the photo vinyl split stash window the insulation is even easier because you don't have to go across the slider here is a plastic frame going around the Charter in the window and you simply attach your white hook loop tape around that same first ones you cut your black out easy fabric to

size simply is less discarded when using the blackout easy winter cover on a casement windows in the home the first thing you notice about caseking windows you have both left in the right size so require two window covers the same thing matching the frame inside inside left to right top to bottom on inside the frame also in case of windows you have your locks so make sure we apply the looking little case that

you work around the handles you have a drink make sure you apply you'll hook a loop tape across the face of the window frame and also across the top but a lot because you want to cut your window curve just a little long so it kind of lays on top top and applied across the top smooth across without gaps and then the holy Scott on the right side I guess just because

I'm right-handed so I move across go down making sure you seal across press to hook a little cake together drop gaps in the work the other side and you move across bottom sealing it up big knows the difference all right go to the other side then you start at the top put up gaps and you work down always worked on the right side then I move to lift up pressing the seal and

I'll seal across about again press the ceiling we're up gasps the blackout easy window cover the easy way to a dark room you ah

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How to Install a Blackout EZ Window Cover""hello my name is Tim Stanley and I'm the proud inventor of the blackout easy window cover recently someone emailed us at 10 at the blackout easy window cover is so easy to use once you show us in the video I thought that was a very good idea so here you go today I'm going to show you how t...